I don't believe I've ever done a post on some of my favorite blogs, mostly because I was being selfish and didn't really want to share them with anyone else (just kidding), but since some of you have emailed/commented asking about the kind of blogs I read on a daily basis, I figured today (another camera-less evening) would be a perfect time to share my secrets with you.

    An awesome assortment of inspiring photo collages... I really love looking at photos and such.

    Super superb (I like the way that sounds) street style blog.

    I love her blog a lot- she designs almost all her clothes and even makes her own hang tags. Not to mention the fact that she talks about food... not that I can cook or anything. 

    Having the ridiculous shoe fetish I have, this blog is like heaven. It's all about shoes!

    Another street style blog that started up recently- Jason really knows how to capture the essence of the fashionably people he photographs.

    I've always admired Kanye's style and his ability to wear crazy pieces with confidence. His personal blog is a compilation of things like music, furniture, art and fashion.

    My other favorite photo collage blog. She's really talented with the whole "creating collages" thing and the ones she creates are always inspirational and pretty. 

    Let me know if you guys have found any pictorial blogs or interior design blogs please! 

    - Karla