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    Back picture shout-out for my fellow cyber friend, The Stylish Wanderer :)

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    Although I had been acquainted briefly in the previous months with Forever21's new affordable "luxury" line Twelve by Twelve, I had never actually seen/felt/smelled the pieces in real life up until yesterday. My mother and I were bustling around the mall like maniacs looking for the supposedly remodeled Forever21 and once the store had been located and entered, we were kind of blown away by the quality of the line's pieces. Most of the collection consisted of crisp ruffle dresses, colored lace leggings, perfect petticoats, and jeweled evening bags. As I grazed the congest racks of clothes, I spotted a peacock trimmed satin skirt and quickly ran to the dressing room, hoping it would fit appropriately. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't really high-waisted, yet kind of pleased with the way the skirt sat on my hips. Something different you know? (If you haven't noticed, I am quite the lover of high-waisted things).

    Anyway, I wore it today along with one of my boyfriend's wool blazers (it doesn't fit his oh so muscular arms anymore) and a ribbed black tights. 

    I'm wanting to play around with this skirt more now, hmm...

    Wearing a TwelvebyTwelve peacock trimmed skirt, black sheer Express pocket tee, vintage black blazer, Melie Bianco clutch, and my current fave shoes- Bebe platform pumps