Another coffee table book

    Exhibit A (photographs by Guy Bourdin), is probably one of the most visually engaging books I've ever looked at. Clearly bound by some sort of dream state, this book is filled with erotic, humorous, elegant, and peculiar images that allow you to explore an unidentifiable, yet stylish fantasy. I'm officially intrigued by Mr. Guy Bourdin and his oh so mysterious images.

    Here are a few photos:
    bees.jpg picture by stylebook18blackdress.jpg picture by stylebook18carpet.jpg picture by stylebook18
    furskin.jpg picture by stylebook18legz.jpg picture by stylebook18love-1.jpg picture by stylebook18police.jpg picture by stylebook18redheart.jpg picture by stylebook18sheertights.jpg picture by stylebook18whitelace.jpg picture by stylebook18