Boots again...

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    Still trying to work with these since they're not exactly the prettiest shoes ever- but I think ugly things are good for you once in a while. Sort of like energy drinks are good for you once in a while... uh, that wasn't such a good example.

    So I was giggling to myself today while at the fabric store (buying buttons, nothing special) because two ladies were blathering shamelessly in Spanish about how hideous my skirt was... funny thing is they didn't think I could understand them, I'm assuming because they presumed I wasn't a latin girl. What a silly story.

    Oh and for those of you who asked, the nail color I wear pretty much always is O.P.I's "Most Honorable Red".

    Wearing a knife-pleated men's dress shirt from H&M, H&M high-waisted gray skirt, Michael Kors duck boots, and Chanel handbag