Well I am back from New York where I was celebrating the launch of Google's new e-shopping site! 
    As I've mentioned before on the blog, I do most of my shopping online so when I was asked to create my own style boutique I was really excited! What is so awesome about is that everything is under one website so you won't have to bookmark anything because you can just add it to your favorites (and remove as well if you're so over it). You can also customize your preferences so that only the colors, styles, and patterns you love will appear on your boutique.... oh and "hate" the items you don't like so that you can get exactly what you love on there! Sorry to ramble so much, but I'm just so excited about this- I know I will definitely be updating frequently. I just wish they had a selection of jewelry... and vintage!! If you're interested, you can create you're own boutique too or follow mine HERE.