Levi's & Mood boards

    Snapped a few photos of what I was wearing the other day. There is nothing like a good pair of worn-in Levi's... I just want to get rid of all my other skinny jeans and wear Levi's for the rest of my life.
    Headscarves are also really great for those days when your hair isn't cooperating! Oh and I have a little thing for hoop earrings too... all sizes, all shapes.
    Wearing Levi's from American Rag, Gap tank, vintage silk headscarf, and Prada platforms.
    There are times when I am completely uninspired by everything. Most of the time when I browse blogs, it's not necessarily what they're wearing that inspires me, it's the composition of colors, textures, prints, etc...That's what really gets me! So anyway, I was getting really bored of the internet until I found a site by mistake called Art Tattler. I swear you guys, it is the best site ever! I was up all night making huge mood boards for some of my upcoming projects and for my room... Here are a couple quick clippings of what they have on their site...
    I also discovered an artist named Lil Picard, she's incredible... I love her work! I've gotten really into painting after taking a few classes and so when I'm at home sometimes I paint with gloves (so I don't mess up my manicure, hehe) and I took a photo of them, thought they looked really cool...