Goodbye Paradise

    Right now I'm packing and getting ready for my flight back home tomorrow... I don't want to leave Maui! I love it here so much, I could easily stay for another two weeks or so.

    A couple days ago we all went snorkeling out by Lahaina-- it was so much fun, the tour guides were so sweet!
    My brother and I with our snorkel gear
    The water was so beautiful, I really couldn't stop taking pictures! 
    We were lucky enough to see the dolphins near Lana'i. They're were so cute, I wanted to give them an eskimo kiss!
    A couple pictures from last night before dinner...
    Wearing American Apparel U-neck dress, vintage Levi shorts, and Joe's Jeans platforms.

    Gonna go finish packing and deal with all these mosquito bites I got from today's rainforest hike!