Peruvian and Stuff

    Some of you guys have asked me to blog about what I do on a day to day basis and to tell you the truth, sometimes it's nothing fabulous unless I'm out with my family, friends, or boyfriend.
    Today after grabbing some peruvian food (ceviche is soooo good by the way), I stopped by the flea market and finally brought my camera with me so I was able to take a few quick photos!

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    I was wearing a reconstructed motorcycle jacket, vintage blouse from American Rag, American Apparel fuchsia bull denim skirt, Marc by Marc lace-up ankle boots, and vintage woven satin clutch

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    The flea market can be a little overwhelming at times, so I tend to stick to the same selling booths...

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    One of my favorite booths is ran by two women who sell all kinds of jewelry... anything from turquoise stone bracelets to gaudy gold necklaces- I love it! Even though sometimes I just look and don't buy because I feel like I'll never wear it.
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    G found this amazing leather jacket but it fit really weird so he ended up getting an oatmeal thick-knit cardigan instead...

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    I'm going to go get coffee with my dad- I think I've become immune caffeine because it doesn't even keep me awake anymore!