Why I Heart My...

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    Thank you Vogue Girl Korea for letting me be a part of their "Why I Love my" feature alongside Garance Dore, Fashion Squad, Bunny Bisous, and Fashion Toast!

    Here's the interview in case you'd like to read it:

    What is your favorite item? My Marc by Marc Jacobs' studded bag

    Can you explain the reason? 1. It fits my Macbook, massive wallet, and planner 2. The bag has put up with my careless abuse for almost a year already 3. Allows me to smuggle sunflower seeds and chocolate-covered gummy bears into the movie theater 4. Smells like coconut body butter for some weird reason 5. The stud and staple detail is seriously genius 6. Can carry a change of shoes 7. It pretty much goes with anything I wear 8. Has many compartments inside which makes my busy life a lot less of a hassle 9. Serves as a pillow sometimes 10. Also serves as a heating device whenever my legs are cold

    When/How/Why did you get it? Well it was between this bag and a crimson red Miu Miu one, but then my birthday came around and my parents surprised me with it!

    What is your signature style? It's always a clash between feminine and masculine pieces with a touch of easy elegance, sometimes a touch of craziness too.

    What is your favorite way of styling the item? Can you give any tips? My Marc by Marc bag is so versatile, it can almost be worn with anything.

    How often do you wear the item? Nearly everyday.

    What is your current wish item? If you could buy one item for the Autumn, what would it be? Christian Louboutin mesh cut-out ankle boots