The pants again!

    lipz2-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lipz8-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

    These pants stirred up a bundle of mixed emotions last time they were worn on the blog, but I figured I'd bring them out anyway and play around with their swooshyness. I had completely forgotten about them until last night when the hanger bursted and I was able to rescue them from a sea of denim skinnies. 

    Wore this as I studied for my finals (I don't mind getting dressed up to simply sit at my desk and read chapters and chapters of crap) until the obnoxious belt started jutting into my ribs causing me to experience shortage of breathe and change into a simple sheer tee. I also went for a quick Starbucks run and was quite amused when the barista (everyone at Starbeezies knows me well... how pathetic that I was once "customer of the week") said " Oh my God I sooo want to pet your legs." I giggled... if she only knew how I secretly enjoy petting my fringed legs like some sort of crazy nutcase.

    Wearing cream fringed trousers, vintage Lanvin suede blazer, Cathy jean platform wedges, and vintage snakeskin belt