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    Sorry for taking five hundred years and a half to post something... I've been really out of it lately. But vacation time is over and I'm back with a bang (okay not really)! 

    I showed up in Arizona with a whole bunch of black clothes, four pairs of shoes, and just a few accessories. Apparently almost every girl in AZ likes wearing spandex shirts (well, they call them dresses) and tons of makeup. I brought a simple black bouffant mini dress but decided it wasn't "New Years Eve"-ish enough so I borrowed my best friend's vintage sequins mini and her mom's Louis Vuitton bronze clutch to kick it up a notch. Then we found a random mask and decided it would complete the look perfectly. 

    Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous New Yearssss!

    Wearing a vintage beaded dress, Louis Vuitton clutch, random mask, and Bebe platform pumps