Walking Away

    t2.jpg picture by stylebook18

    I think my shoes are shrinking because these Louboutins don't fit me quite like they used to. Hmm, a shrinking shoe, that's something to think about while I savor the deliciousness of iced hot chocolate (total oxymoron). 

    By the way, it is a bit silly to me how random people have decided to blatantly state that I have huge thighs or look like I've gained weight. If you're super skinny, then people assume you're anorexic and if you're a little curvier or whatever you'd like to call it, then people think you're fat. I don't believe in society's "beauty standards" because obviously everyone has their own opinion on what they consider beautiful or not. As far as my legs/weight goes, whether I'm fat or skinny, I accept my figure the way it is because it's how I was made to be. 

    Wearing a vintage striped blazer as a dress, black wolford tube skirt underneath, gold zipper Louboutins, and Jenny Yuen bag