That donk

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    So today was my actual birthday... September 14th, 1989, a crazy lady was born. 

    I went skydiving (what a superb birthday gift, thanks G) and it was seriously the greatest thing ever. It's like falling off some sort of colossal roller coaster; you know, that feeling when you feel like your heart is about to jump out of your chest. And for some apparent reason, I kept laughing at almost everything. The instructor I was attached to decided to show off his "olympic" skills by doing crazy flips and unexpected turns. It was intense man. So much fun and totally recommended... even if you're afraid of heights, trust me it's amazing.

    After our gutsy experience, we decided to grab some peruvian food on Melrose and headed over to American Apparel for a quick rendezvous (love that word ha). I bought this devilish (oooo) spandex one-piece. I figured it'd be perfect for layering under heavy oversized blazers and thick knit wooly sweaters. 

    body suit from American Apparel, studded leather booties by Colin Stuart, vintage cream blazer, gold and silver watch by Donna Karan