Studs and Stripes

    After intensive pattern-making, snacking on the most unhealthy foods ever, nearly chopping my finger off with a sewing machine, and hectic traffic (shoot me now), I finally arrived at my precious home and found a cardboard box waiting for me at the doorstep. I impatiently unraveled the packaging and guess what I found?! My Colin Stuart studded booties! They're so perfect and I can't wait to wear them with tights and such. 

    Also, I've never been camping. I really want to go camping now because it seems everyone has had an outdoor living experience except for me. What do you wear anyways when you go camping? I imagine my heels would dig into the dirt/grass and they don't seem very practical for hunting and s'more-making. 

    dress- vintage, blazer- h&m, shoes- Colin Stuart, belt- vintage