Light my World

    Forgive me for the sporadic posting lately, my computer has failed me again. I've been forced to use my father's computer which runs extremely slow. Basically technology really sucks at life right now. 

    On a more lively note, I'm kind of mesmerized by these wide-legged trousers. They must be made of some sort of slinky silk material because they're just so airy and comfortable. Perfect for walking the odor-filled streets of Dowtown LA. Since the weather is still a bit warm (borderline 90 degrees), I paired the trousers with a simple white tank and my new mustard wallet. A reader commented that I've been wearing a lot of the same things lately which I am clearly aware of, but unavoidable in this California heat. Just wait until the Fall/Winter comes! 

    Ps. Answered some comments, planning to answer the rest tomorrow!

    tank- h&m, trousers- vintage, clutch- liz claiborne, hat- vintage, watch-vintage