The Short Spring Skirt


    Almost every morning I wake up at the butt crack of dawn to take the Metrolink to Downtown LA to FIDM. Apparently I'm an idiot and I always decide to wear the most inappropriate outfits to school. I was out the door with this particular ensemble when I realized I'd freeze, so I added tights and boots instead. My purpose was to keep partially warm, not so much to look "totally fashionable". Then I arrived at school and I was able to change back into my initial outfit.
    Oh and also, in case you can't see, my precious knee is still a bit swollen. BARF ME. One more is obvious i am in desperate need of some sort of tan...

    blazer- vintage
    blouse- vintage
    skirt- forever21 (believe it or not)
    sandals- nine west 
    jewelry- all vintage